The Types of Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment is a special device intended to help improve the movement of those with a mobility disability or to help those with severe limitations. There are many kinds and styles of such equipment available.

The most common mobility equipment available on the market today is a stair lift. It can be either manual or electric. Manual stair lifts allow a person to use a wheelchair, which has a handle, to step up and down from the top stair to the floor below. These are often available in the form of an enclosed or outdoor lift. It can be controlled with a foot pedal or a hand control.

Elevator devices are another common mobility equipment that can be used to assist someone with mobility issues. These devices are usually used to transport people who cannot walk on their own. These elevators are controlled by a control device or a series of controls. Some elevator models can be fitted with airbags to cushion the person who is using the elevator. These elevators are often equipped with a safety bar to prevent the chair from coming off the elevator.

Other types of mobility equipment include a cane lift, which is basically a hand operated manual stairlift. This can be useful for those who need assistance with their mobility. Lifts that are designed specifically for a wheelchair are available. A portable elevator, like a walk-in closet, can be an alternative to using a wheelchair elevator. These mobility elevators allow people with limited mobility to access areas that would not be possible with a wheelchair. Portable lifts are also useful for physically challenged people who cannot reach the top of stairs. They can be folded away when not in use and stored in a small space, so they can be easily transported from one place to another.

Wheelchairs are another type of mobility equipment that are commonly used. Wheelchair users who need assistance in their everyday activities may want to consider purchasing their own wheelchair. Most home health agencies will be able to provide these types of mobility equipment.

Wheelchairs have changed a lot over the years and the types available today are very different from the ones that were available decades ago. Today’s wheel chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with features such as motorized recline features that allow them to roll up and out of the way when not in use.

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