Muscle Movers

The human body is made up of hundreds of muscles that must work in accordance with one another to allow for proper movement. While many of these muscles are small and work in coordination with others, there are a few major muscles that are primarily responsible for certain movements, known as prime movers. Prime movers are typically located in the upper and lower extremities, but also can be found throughout the body.

Muscle Movers is a full service moving company that offers local and long distance moves, packing services, and cleaning assistance. Their experienced team is dedicated to completing projects on time and within budget, while providing excellent customer service. Their staff is highly trained to handle all of your moving needs, and they take great care of each customer’s possessions while working on their behalf.

Jerad Poling ’08, founder and CEO of College Muscle Movers, will speak to the Entrepreneurship Society during convo hour today, Tuesday, April 13, in Room 114, McNeely Hall. Poling started College Muscle Movers while he was a student at St. Thomas, earning a business economics degree. The company now employs nearly 300 people and provides a unique, physical, on-demand labor solution for companies, event planners, and individuals looking to move heavy items in a tight space.

Zach is a very talented and hardworking professional. He is very personable and takes great pride in his work. He works fast and has the best equipment in the industry. I highly recommend him for your next project.

Strength in Motion: Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas Edition” sounds like an energetic and dynamic fitness service tailored for the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas! With that title, I imagine a team of fitness professionals who specialize in helping clients achieve their fitness goals through personalized training programs and motivating workouts. Whether it’s strength training, cardio, flexibility, or a combination of all three, this company seems dedicated to keeping their clients moving forward towards better health and fitness. The Las Vegas Edition suggests they might offer unique services or experiences that cater to the energy and lifestyle of the city, perhaps incorporating elements of entertainment or themed workouts. Overall, it sounds like a great concept for anyone looking to get fit and active in Las Vegas

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