YTS York Tree Surgeons & Specialists

Tree Surgeons

YTS York Tree Surgeons & Specialists are known as arborists, and they are the specially trained and certified arborist who possess the skill and license of cutting, preserving and cultivating various trees. A surgeon or an arborist is specialized in treating, diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of trees. They usually use a pruning saw and scalpels to trim, split and cut different parts of a tree. Tree surgeons are skilled, trained professionals, who possess the skill of working with living and non-living trees. The major work of a surgeon is performed on trees which are at risk due to natural or manmade diseases.

The branches of trees which experience disease are thinned out and removed by the tree surgeons. Trimming, cutting off branches that obstruct a sidewalk or road, or tree can direct traffic, reduce air pollution and reduce energy costs. This branch cut off from the diseased tree will prevent the tree surgeon or his team of technicians from being injured while performing their task. In addition to this job, they perform other major services such as pruning, cutting down dangerous trees, trimming old growth, removing hazardous dead trees, and removing branches that grow above safety barriers on top of buildings.

The primary duties of a tree surgeon are performed inside the laboratory where complete pictures are taken using high tech equipment and computer software. After acquiring a qualification from an accredited institution, he/she can proceed to a Bachelors or Masters program in the field of tree surgery. Tree surgeons have to undergo intensive training to learn all about trees, diseases, pests, weather conditions and environmental aspects related to trees. A highly advanced course, such as the Master of Science in Tree Surgery, will prepare them to perform their job in a sophisticated and safe manner.

Tree surgeons require a wide knowledge on proper care and management of trees. Proper care is necessary to avoid any loss due to pests or disease. Proper management involves preventing infestations by properly cleaning infected areas, inspecting for signs of disease and removing infected trees. Pest control methods include applying insecticides and fungicides, regularly inspect trees for signs of disease, trimming branches and uprooting damaged trees, etc. Tree arborists are also responsible for keeping a check on the condition and height of trees surrounding a building. They also install necessary heating and cooling systems, inspect and change wiring, install crowning, inspect and repair roofing systems, take care of winter maintenance including inspecting roof shingles, sealant and snowplowing, etc.

Tree surgeons also perform surgeries involving cutting down and changing the shape of trees. A good arborist should be well trained, experienced and well equipped with all the latest tools and equipments. They should also have vast knowledge on trees and plant anatomy. Other than this, a good arborist must have a vast amount of knowledge on environmental issues like organic farming and conservation. Tree surgeons are involved in a wide range of activities, which includes tree removal and tree trimming, stump removal, stump pressing, pruning, etc.

Tree surgeons perform surgeries and extractions from trees for various purposes. They can perform surgery on trees for transplantation to houses and other public places, tree removal of shrubs and diseased limbs for various purposes. They can even cut down and prune diseased trees and remove growths. They can prune back dead branches and remove tree limbs. These surgeons can perform surgeries on any part of the tree without cutting, sawing or trimming. Their skills and experience make them highly skilled and can reconstruct trees into beautiful shrubbery and furniture.