The Pros and Cons of Botox

Botox is an injectable gel that can temporarily paralyze a facial muscle to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Botox works by blocking the nerves that make the facial muscles contract. When injected, it works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that are causing you to look older and perhaps even prevents the onset of aging altogether. Botox works in almost every area of your face except for the eyes, where it is sometimes used in conjunction with collagen and filler injections to temporarily change the shape and form of the eye lids. Botox can be used on any area of the face, including the neck, face, and back.


The only downside about Botox is the cost. In the United States alone, Botox treatments account for more than a billion dollars in medical bills annually. Although the number may seem excessive, when you consider the millions of dollars that would be spent if your doctor tried to perform the same procedure using traditional methods, you start to see that this treatment is really a reasonable bargain.

Despite the expense, there are several reasons why Botox is becoming increasingly popular with patients who are concerned about their appearance. One is that the effects are almost instantaneous. Unlike collagen injections and other cosmetic procedures, you do not have to wait for weeks or months to see the results. With Botox, you will see a dramatic difference in just a few hours. Another advantage is that Botox cannot be used in conjunction with any other plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation or fat removal.

Even though Botox cannot be used to correct all of the problems that come with the aging process, many doctors are recommending it for patients who have issues such as excess forehead or jaw lines, drooping eyelids, and small foreheads. Some patients with skin disorders such as psoriasis and acne have found great success with this procedure as well. Because Botox is a chemical that is injected into the face, it is considered to be safe, but everyone wants to be careful.

The downside to Botox is that it can become addictive. If you inject it too often, you may find yourself not wanting to resume your old activities because of the effects it has on your face. Also, because Botox is a chemical, it is hard to get a hold of. In addition, if you want to use it on more than one area of your face, you may have to pay a physician to do so for you. Lastly, Botox does have some nasty side effects that should be discussed with your doctor before you start using it.

Botox is a great way to reduce your appearance, especially if your real problem is excessive facial muscles. It does have some drawbacks, such as the fact that it is a permanent solution, although there are now different injections available that allow you to diminish the effect over time. Discuss any concerns you have with your plastic surgeon before you make your appointment.